IX.9 The Output Print File (DDNAME=SYSPRINT)

This mandatory output file contains all GBAT messages, including routine informational messages, abnormal termination messages, control file and alias file validation error messages, and control file default assignment informational messages.

If GBAT terminates normally, or if it terminates abnormally with a MAXREJECTS violation, SYSPRINT also contains a report of run statistics, which is usually less than one page long. The user can specify a title line for the report, consisting of any character string of up to 73 bytes, by using the TITLE control entry.

The report of run statistics indicates the number of input records processed, the number accepted by Geosupport and the number rejected, all itemized by borough. The rejected record statistics are also itemized by GRC. Input data records that result in Geosupport warnings are counted in the report of run statistics either as accepted records or as rejects, depending on the value of the REJECTWARNINGS option that is in effect, as described in Chapter IX.7. In addition, the report contains a summary list of all the GRCs that have occurred during the given GBAT execution along with their corresponding Geosupport messages.

Statistics for RECTYPE=1B: GBAT run statistics for Function 1B are slightly different. The GBAT statistics for Function 1B are based on what is in the ERRFILE output error file. Since only records that are rejected for both the Blockface (Function 1E) and the Property Level (Function 1A) calls are in the ERRFILE, the output statistics are based on these records. The errors indicated in the statistics are based on the GRC from the Function 1E call. The report also displays totals for the 1B records that were accepted for the 1A portion but rejected for the 1E portion, and totals for the 1B records that were accepted for the 1E portion but rejected for the 1A portion.