VI.9 Function BN

Function BN processes a building specified by an input BIN. Function BN does not have the long WA2 option. However, the Mode Switch of X (Extended) is available as an option.

The layout of the regular WA2 for Function BN is identical to that of the regular WA2 for Function 1A, while the layout of the Extended WA2 is the same as that of the Extended WA2 for Function 1A. However, in Function BN’s WA2, the LGI contains entries only for the input building; not for any other buildings on the tax lot. It also does not contain any vacant street frontage (type F) or pseudo-address (type Q) entries. Function BN’s LGI is always complete with respect to the input building, since there is no building in New York City that has more than 21 geographic identifiers.

Except for the difference in the contents of the LGI and its list counter field, the Number of Entries in the LGI, the contents of Function BN’s WA2 and Function 1A’s regular WA2 are identical for a given tax lot.