XI.1 Introduction


Windows Desktop GOAT has been deprecated. No updates to its functionality will be made. It will continue to be available in the 32-bit Geosupport Desktop Edition only, not in the 64-bit version. The data returned by GOAT will continue to reflect the data in the Geosupport release that came with the installation package; however, new fields that are added to Geosupport will not be added to GOAT.

Please note that a fully-supported version of GOAT is available at:


Description of GOAT:
Geosupport On-Line Address Translator, commonly referred to as GOAT, is the system’s principal interactive Windows application. It is an inquiry application that allows the user to request almost any Geosupport Function. The user simply enters input data and receives a formatted screen display of the output information provided by that function. To use GOAT requires no programming skills and it is heavily used by non-technical people who need the information that GOAT can provide.