XI.2 How to Use GOAT

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The GOAT icon that is displayed on the right side of this page may appear on your desktop. To invoke GOAT, click on this icon. If the icon is not on your desktop, you may invoke GOAT from the folder in which Geosupport was installed on your system via EXPLORER. The screen displayed on the next page will appear on your desktop.

You may invoke a function by clicking on the tool bar at the top of the GOAT window as illustrated to the below.

Goat window <>

An alternate method is to click on “Goat Function” on the line above the tool bar to display a list of Geosupport Functions as illustrated below.

Note: All illustrations are samples and may not appear identical to what appears on your screen.

Goat Function <>

To invoke any function, click on the function either on the tool bar or in the Goat Function list.
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