VI.8 Standard and Legacy Versions of Functions 1A and BL

The version of Functions 1A and BL that is documented in this User Programming Guide is called the standard version. The standard version was first created in 1995 when major modifications were made to Functions 1A and BL. The predecessor version of Functions 1A and BL is called the legacy version. The legacy version is no longer supported and was discontinued as of version 10.0. If you have programs that use the legacy PAD, please refer to the Geosupport Technical Bulletin 05-1 dated February 18, 2005 for information on converting to standard PAD. Copies of this bulletin are available upon request to

All MSW applications that invoke Functions 1A and BL must set the 1ABL Version Switch to the value ‘S’. Note: COW applications only support standard PAD, so the 1ABL Version Switch is not applicable.